WPM Welhome Pro ZD-10T Filter Coffee Grinder | Review

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This little filter grinder actually really surprised us all.

This coffee grinder is the perfect addition to your Filter coffee station, with a wide range of grind settings you can use this beautiful grinder for espresso or any type of filter. Conical burrs protect the coffee’s integrity and create a uniform grind.

The user-friendly make, means you adjust the grind with a twist of the hopper, and are able to remove the blades for maintenance and cleaning.

To keep your product(s) performing consistently, it is recommended to clean the machine(s) periodically by clearing beans from the blades and using grind cleaner.

Find yours here 👉 https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/wpn-welhome-pro-zd-10t-home-filter-coffee-grinder-black

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