Weber Workshops Key coffee grinder in depth review. Best grinder ever? End game grinder? Worth it?

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Quite possibly one of the most anticipated coffee grinders ever – it was fully funded in 5 minutes on Indiegogo crowdfunding. Does Weber Workshops Key live up to the hype? Do I regret it? Is it everything I dreamed of and more? Do I love the coffee and workflow? Have a seat, get some snacks (or a cup of coffee), sit back and enjoy.

As I got more used to it with time, I liked it more and more and adjusted to both the grinder and my expectations. My suggestion if you have it and you’re unsure, give it some time and then see. Be wary of being influenced by super positive or super negative reviews that may sway your own intuition – and for customer service with WW and with any company, be courteous and aim for troubleshooting and not blaming and remember there is a person at the other end. I find you always get the best results that way (do I always follow this? probably not, probably write from an emotionally charged place sometimes but I try).

*correction, verified with WW directly the burrs are rated to last up to 10 000kg!! sooo… many many lifetimes over.

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▶desktop vacuum cleaner
great to suck up the grinds after brushing them off the grinder
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▬ other videos referenced ▬▬▬
Moulin Grinders
Sette 270 video
Single dose video (easier to pour into)
BDB manual long pre-infusion
How I store my coffee

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▬ additional resources ▬▬▬▬▬
conical vs flat burrs []

a case for conical burrs for espresso []

Niche VS HG2 (manual version of the Key) []

Conical VS Flat burrs with Douglas Weber []

WW forum []

▬ 🕑 timestamps ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 cinematic intro
0:26 intro
1:59 why did I upgrade from Sette 270
3:49 Quick overview
8:36 price
9:16 Build, Design, complaints & customer service
13:31 packaging
14:17 easy cleaning & brush
15:47 magic tumbler & integrated wdt
18:11 Dosing Ring
22:18 Burrssss baby
25:03 Conical VS Flat burr
27:36 flavor notes/profile
31:40 adjustable rpm
36:14 workflow & is this my end game grinder?

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GIMBAL Zhiyun Weebil S

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