THE ULTIMATE COFFEE CAPSULE MACHINE?: A Review of the Drink Morning Capsule Machine

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Here, I take an exhaustive look at the new Drink Morning capsule machine. I pull multiple shots with it throughout. I did quite a lot of background work on this machine prior to filming, including opening pods to cup the coffees so I know what I’m looking for flavor wise to taking multiple refractions of the brews to measure consistency and efficiency. Hope you enjoy!

*should be noted I did shake the capsules off camera prior to inserting. I don’t like I how I look shaking vigorously little pods while filming in 1080p, so they were all “pre shook.” I will say, they suggest purging between shots, and I didn’t do this in filming. I did in testing and noticed little to no difference shot to shot as regards output flow and time.

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Time Cues:
0:00- Introduction to Drink Morning
3:38- Methodology
7:02- Pulling/Tasting First Shot (Circle Coffee)
11:47- April vs Colonna Taste Test
24:38- Roaster Recommendation
26:48- Beatbox Break
28:34- Making and Tasting a Milky
31:29- Conclusion

Video referenced on Turbo Shots:

Video referenced about fundamentals of Espresso:

Jonathan Gagné Article Referenced:
Measuring Coffee Concentration with a 0.01% Precision
Also, check out his new book here:

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