The DF64: Niche Killer?

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A highly requested review of the DF64 coffee grinder, also known as the G-IOTA, the Solo, or the Turin 64SD. This is a single dose grinder that is positioned in the mid-range and one that some are describing as a strong competitor to the Niche grinder. If you’ve got one I’d love to hear your thoughts!

DF64 on Alibaba:
The Solo on Bella Barista (UK):
G-IOTA on HomeBarista (Belgium):
Turin DF64 on EspressoOutlet (USA):
G-IOTA on Frekko (Netherlands):
DF64 on BPlus (Taiwan):
G-IOTA on Bohnendealer (Germany & Austria):

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Clump crusher & 3D printed housing for the DF64:
My review of the Niche grinder from 2019:
My review of the Wilfa Uniform:
Comparison of the Wilfa Uniform & the Niche grinder:
My review of the Fellow Ode:


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