The Best Portable Espresso Grinder (Helor 106 / Helor Flux Review)

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This is the Helor Flux/106! The Flux is a titan hand grinder that features 71mm Mazzer 186c conical burrs and produces absolutely amazing espresso. It is in my opinion the best hand grinder for espresso because it is surprisingly usable, is portable, and has incredible performance. The reason for this is due to how the grinder is geared down (3:1). It only takes about a minute to grind 18g of espresso as the combination of an easy-to-turn hand crank + 71mm conicals grind incredibly fast! I’d say the espressos between the Flux, Pharos, and Niche are very similar. Big body, big chocolate, very comfortable conical cups. I did find slightly more body/clarity in the 71mm Mazzers compared to the 63mm but the cups are very similar. Overall a monster of a hand grinder in such a small package. It is built like a tank (1800g) and is machined very well (Love the magnetic catch cup). It is a bit expensive at $750 but I have not used a higher-performing grinder in such a portable package.

The biggest issue with the Flux is dialing in. The grind adjustment is not numbered at all and it is very difficult to keep track of what your settings were. This basically means you have to sacrifice at least 1-2 shots when you are dialing in though I’d say these burrs are relatively forgiving. On top of that, the filter performance is very meh due to the fines created and the catch cup can sometimes create clumps. However, the usability of this grinder is top-notch and it is awesome to see such high performance and ease of use in a portable package. As always, thanks for spending the time to watch the video, and let me know if you have any questions! I’ve been awfully busy and need to catch up on YT comments.

Note: the OE Apex grinds super slow due to feedrate and the huge flat burrs. I”ll be making a video about that in the future because it is IMO the best filter hand grinder.

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Helor 106:

Helor 106 Hand Coffee Grinder

Helor Flux w/83mm Itamill Conicals:

Overview 0:00
Performance + Usability 2:25
Downsides of the Flux (Changing grind size, filter, catch cup) 3:43
Using the Flux (Grinding + Dialing In) 5:54
Dialing in the Flux (Unedtied Grinding, Pulling a shot) 8:57
Pharos Comparison 13:10
Titan Handgrinders Ten Years Later 16:49
Quick Note on 83mm Itamill Burrs in the Flux 18:03
Who is this Grinder For? 18:21
Conclusion 19:25

Apologies for the weird audio leveling on this video! I swapped to a different setup and my levels weren’t set properly.

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