Rok Grinder GC -1 Month Review Likes/Dislikes/Mods

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I’ve owned the Rok GC grinder for a month and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. To sum up I love the value you get with this grinder. It works well and is extremely solid. It has its quarks and makes you want to customize it. It does a fantastic job for espresso and pour over but the transition can be a little challenging. It is quiet and smooth perfectly suitable for small spaces like condos when you don’t feel like giving yourself a headache or waking up your partner or neighbours first thing in the morning. There are a few areas that could be improved such as the width of the hopper to allow easier pouring of beans. Additionally it would be great to have a catch can that can fit directly into a portafilter to minimize mess. Lastly design of the adjustment ring could be improved to reduce retention and provide better tactile and visual feedback for transitions between beans and brew methods. All in for a espresso grinder with my current set up its perfect and I find myself more engaged in the process of brewing espresso. My girlfriend doesn’t even mind it too much(maybe because she doesn’t have the option :P). Either way I would recommend it for the price, durability, ease of use, and aesthetic. This will certainly be a timeless and reliable piece of equipment I can count on for probably a lifetime.

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