Robot Barista? Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine Review

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Ever dreamed of asking Alexa to make you some coffee? How about using your location to start your coffee maker when you get home so you can get a nice hot cup of Joe when you get home? This is what Smarter promises with their WiFi connected coffee maker. With the power of IFTTT, you can integrate this coffee maker right into your existing smart home setup. Blink your Hue bulbs when brewing is done or link it to Fitbit and when you’ve been acting sluggish it will suggest that you brew some coffee. The Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation is a bean-to-cup coffee machine that’s ready to grind coffee beans and brew up to 12 cups (1500 mL) at a time. Check out our review and find out if this is the coffee maker you’ve been waiting for.

CLARIFICATION: I mention in the video that the Smarter Coffee Machine doesn’t have native Amazon Alexa integration. This isn’t necessarily true as you can technically link the two, but the Alexa skill only allows you to turn on/off the power to the machine, not brew coffee. IFTTT integration lets you configure brewing via Alexa/Google Assistant, though.

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