OXO Coffee Grinder Review

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OXO Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Burrs and One-Touch Start. Choose from 15 grind size settings – fine for espresso to coarse for French press or Cold Brew:
1-5= fine (for espresso)
6-10=medium (for pour-over/drip coffee)
11-15=coarse (for French press/cold brew)

Key moments:
00:20 Unboxing OXO Coffee Grinder
00:47 OXO Grinder Overview
02:32 OXO Burr and Hopper Assembly
03:57 How to Replace Upper Burr
05:36 Coffee Grind Test
06:25 How to use Grind Timer
08:19 Bottom Line – OXO Coffee Grinder


OXO Coffee Grinder: https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/products/oxo-brew-coffee-grinder

OXO Coffee Products: https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/collections/oxo

Electric Coffee grinders: https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/collections/electric-coffee-grinders

Exceptional coffee experience, affordable price


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