Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder Review

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Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder is durable, accurate, and designed with the best coffee experience in mind. Orphan Espresso is known for their top-of-the-line, professional grade hand grinders, and now they’ve done it again with the Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder.

Key moments:
00:22 About Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder
00:52 Lido OG What’s inside, Unboxing
01:33 First impressions
05:09 Grind Size Adjustment (Micro,Macro)
06:38 Lido OG for Espresso?
07:31 How to Grind with Lido OG Hand Coffee Grinder
10:17 Grind Test for French Press
13:02 Bottom Line


Lido OG Grinder:

Orphan Espresso Hand Coffee Grinders:

Parts for Lido Grinders:

Exceptional coffee experience, affordable price

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