IS THIS THE ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE GRINDER?: Exhaustive Review of the Bentwood 63

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Time Cues:

0:00- Introduction
1:30- Bentwood Background
3:00- Brief Overview
9:30- Looking at the Insides
14:48- Return of the Doggo
14:55- Back to Insides
19:50- Alignment out of the Box
25:14- Declumper Test
27:01- Cafe Workflow
28:01- Single Dose Workflow
29:47- Taste/Burrs
39:24- Concluding Thoughts

Check out Gary Horne Grinder and Brewing Solutions here:
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Bellows used in video-

3D printed pieces for bellows:
Etsy Piece of bellows that fits above print:

Check out the Auger working Here from Denis Sabou:

Hiroia Stand Used:

Check out the work of Dr. Samo Smrke from Zurich-
Follow him on Instagram-

And quick PSA-
I received this grinder from Gary Horne, who is a distributor. I figured, since I don’t make nearly enough money from Patreon to buy equipment like this (and considering I overspent a considerable amount of money last year on equipment for videos) that i would partner with distributors this year for videos. I feel this allows me to still be critical of the machines without compromising relationships, since I am not working directly with the manufacturer.
Anyway, I am doing my best to deliver continually top notch content you can trust. As always, my authenticity is my number one priority in all of this. Thank you for reading.

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