Heihox Travel Coffee Grinder Unboxing and Initial Impressions

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This is a high-end grinder without the high end price tag. Since I uploaded this video I still use it almost daily. The grid sizes are consistent, and they’ve come up with upgraded versions on Amazon since I bought mine. It easily beats grinders like the Porlex and Hario because of the steel burrs and solid build. And when you consider the fact that Made By Knockā€™s Aergrind, Feldgrind, and Feld2:Honed, and newer models are hard to find, twice the price, and have zero to negative levels of customer support (they received my grinder for repair and went no contact for 22 months), this product is an easy choice.

This is the highest value for this price point you can find for what is a pretty niche product… the travel-sized, steel burr, heirloom quality hand grinder.

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