Bodum Coffee Grinder Review 2020

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This is a review of our Bodum coffee grinder after 1 year of home use. I go a little in depth during this video but if you landed here be sure to watch the entire video as this might just save you some money and change your direction in grinders. We use this Bodum coffee grinder as a “home use” machine and on average this Bodum coffee grinder is used in the morning and evening with 40g of coffee beans at a time. We perform the needed cleaning to the machine on a regular basis BUT you can only clean so much. The hopper gets washed and the top burr gets a brush and a shot of light compressed air into the bottom chamber to remove any “held up” ground coffee bean. We have been using this Bodum coffee grinder for a year and it is now starting to break down which has led us making this follow up review. Please share any feedback you have with your experience if you have one of the Bodum coffee grinders, or what you have in your home that you use on a daily basis as we would love to hear about it.

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