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On the first video of our Product Review series, Cath Seay (Coffee Expert and Co-Founder of Curators Coffee) reviews the fantastic Wilfa Uniform Grinder. The latest electric coffee grinder release from Wilfa — part of the Uniform series.

This grinder was developed in conjunction with Tim Wendelboe (World Barista Champion and World Cup Tasters Champion) and one of its biggest features is the fact that it grinds for both filter coffee AND espresso coffee.

The other really big feature is its flat burrs, providing superb grind quality. Flat burrs produce a really uniform ground particle size which means you get a more even extraction and a better tasting coffee.

If you are interested in buying this grinder, check the special offer on our shop (, where for a limited time we are giving £50 discount on the full price. Hurry up as stock is very limited!


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