Baratza Vario Plus Coffee Grinder Review

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Baratza Vario Plus Coffee Grinder – 220 Grind Settings – Exceptional Coffee Grind Quality. Best for Home, Office, Small Cafe. The Baratza Vario + is a powerful, durable burr coffee grinder with intelligent and programmable capabilities to take your personal coffee experience up a notch.

Key moments:

00:15 – Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder Overview
01:10 – Ceramic Burrs for Baratza Vario Plus (stainless steel are optional)
01:59 – How to remove Baratza Vario burrs
03:03 – Baratza Vario Plus Coffee Grinder Features
05:01 – How to use portafilter for Baratza Vario+
05:50 – Baratza Vario Specification
06:20 – Baratza Grind Size Settings
07:54 – Grind Size Setting for Espresso
08:43 – Grind Size Setting for French Press
12:18 – Baratza Vario+ Bottom Line


Baratza Vario Plus Grinder:

Spare Parts for Baratza Vario –

All Baratza Coffee Grinders:

Exceptional coffee experience, affordable price “

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