Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder Review

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Baratza grinders are an excellent balance between quality and affordability. Join Ben as he gives a brief overview of the Baratza Vario coffee grinder. Whether you love espresso, french press, drip coffee, or pour over the Vario is worth checking out.

Dialing in your coffee grinder isn’t always easy. We discuss the steps to fine-tune your burr grinder for the best possible extraction. Please note that Clive Coffee also offers a grinder dial-in service if you prefer to have someone else do that hard work for you!

Whether you want an excellent flat burr espresso grinder or an easy to use brewed coffee grinder, the Baratza Vario is a reliable option. Since its release in 2008, we’ve come to love the Vario and it has held a consistent spot in our lineup. For those that want to consolidate their home coffee setup, it’s certainly one of the best options.

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